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Created by the programmer and dynamic knowledge comes from Vietnam. UltraViewer - Software drivers support remote computers was launched. The emergence of UltraViewer marked a major turning point, creating a revolution in the technology sector. Although born not long but received the enthusiastic support of the user community and be appreciated not what the software less competitive globally renowned advanced.

If before there is no software to control the computer remotely, the technical staff and customers to come to your place for assistance. Then UltraViewer born with the purpose of supporting an immediate way to help your work becomes simple, quick and convenient.

On the market has a lot of software to control the computer remotely, but now many have started using UltraViewer behalf  TeamViewer  in support of the Vietnamese products. UltraViewer conquered completely the user with real practical benefits and superior features than TeamViewer. Criteria "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods" will no longer far-fetched anymore.

UltraViewer is designed to assist customers and partners remotely. Thus the user can control and watch what you manipulate on screen and regain control when they want.

You can both drivers, just to talk in exchange for control of users without having some difficulties. Press F1 to turn on / off quick chat window.

Sending and receiving files for partners easier. All are under the supervision of a person with that then. You can control multiple computers simultaneously, or share your screen to view multiple machines.

UltraViewer is a perfect tool for remote computer control through advanced security features that simple, easy for users to use ... From now on, geographical distance is no longer a concern for you.

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